Kirk Braddan

The Organ

When Kirk Braddan was completed, the organ from Old Kirk Braddan was moved to the new church. In 1892 it was replaced by a new instrument, built by Brindley & Foster of Sheffield at a cost of £600, with 15 speaking stops and a tubular-pneumatic action. The Great had only 2 independent ranks of pipes, the other stops being borrowed from the Swell. The organ case was designed by J L Pearson and built by Moos Bros, London. The old organ was moved to St Luke's, Baldwin.

The organ was rebuilt in 1972 by Laycock & Bannister of Keighley. The action was changed to electro-pneumatic, a mixture was added to the Swell, and the Great was provided with a new large open diapason, principal, twelfth and fifteenth.

The 21 stops are arranged as follows. The organ has the usual couplers, and 4 combination pistons to each manual which are duplicated as foot pistons.

Open Diapason 1 8 Geigen Principal 8 Open Diapason 16
Open Diapason 2 8 Rohr Gedacht 8 Bourdon 16
Salicional 8 Aeoline 8 Bass Flute 8
Clarabel Flute 8 Viol da Gamba 8 Principal 8
Principal 4 Voix Celeste 8 Fifteenth 4
Twelfth 2 1/3 Gemshorn 4    
Fifteenth 2 Fifteenth 2    
    Mixture 19.2 2    
    Trumpet 8