The 1604 Book of Common Prayer was translated into Manx by Bishop Phillips in 1610, but was never printed, and seems to have been forgotten by the 1750's, when Bishop Hildesley began his project of publishing translations into Manx of the Bible and other religious books. The 1662 Prayer Book was translated by members of the Manx clergy around 1760, and published in 1765 under the auspices of the SPCK. A reprint of 1842 forms the basis of an edition produced by A W Moore with the assistance of Professor John Rhŷs, and published by the Manx Society in two volumes in 1893. That edition gives Bishop Phillips' text in parallel.

This version is designed principally for clergy and others who may wish to hold or take part in services in Manx. It contains only the 1760 translation from Moore's edition, and omits the 1610 translation, the prefaces and appendices, and the texts of the epistles, gospels and psalms. Those texts are accessible online and in printed editions of the Bible in Manx (eg. The Manx Family Bible — Bible Chasherick yn Lught Thie, Shearwater Press, Isle of Man, 1979, ISBN 0 904980 34 0).

The page numbers of the 1893 edition are shown thus [156].

I am grateful to Bishop Noël Jones for the loan of his copy of the original work, from which this text is taken.