Kirk Braddan

The Church Electoral Roll

However regularly you may attend Church, you are entitled to vote in the election of members of the Parochial Church Council and the Diocesan Synod only if your name is on the Church Electoral Roll of the parish.

Application for enrolment must be made on the proper form, which can be obtained from Mrs Sarah Kewley the Church Electoral Roll Officer) or from any of the Churchwardens. Forms are also available at the back of the Church, or may be downloaded here (in PDF format).

The form should be returned to:

Church Electoral Roll Officer
Parish Office
Kirk Braddan
Peel Road
Braddan IM2 2LB

You are eligible to be on the Roll if you are 16 or over and have been baptised, and are a member either of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with the Church of England. Also you must either live in the ecclesiastical parish of Braddan (see below) or have habitually attended the Parish Church for at least 6 months up to the date of your application. For further details about eligibility see the notes on the application form.

The ecclesiastical parish of Braddan is not the same as either the ancient parish or the parish district of Braddan. It comprises —

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