Kirk Braddan

The Baillie Scott chancel floor

Baillie Scott mosaics

The floor of the chancel is of marble, created by Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott (1865-1945), the Arts and Crafts designer, and laid in 1901 by T H Royston, a local monumental mason. It includes Belgian black, Italian verde alpi, Sicilian white and Pavonazza marbles.

Especially fine is the mosaic panel on the sanctuary floor (see picture), which is about 10ft long x 3ft wide and contains over 7,000 pieces of marble and Venetian glass. It is in front of the original site of the altar, which would have been against the east wall (traditionally the celebrant would face east with his back to the congregation). In accordance with the modern fashion the celebrant now stands behind the altar, which unfortunately has since 1979 been placed on top of the mosaic.

Baillie Scott designed the mosaics for Kirk Braddan, but the congregation took time to raise the money to lay them. In the meantime he used the designs at Blackwell, the house he built for Sir Edward Holt in 1897-1900 above Windermere in Westmorland.