Kirk Braddan

The Parish Letter

from Steven Herron, trainee ordinand

From the June issue of Branch, the Kirk Braddan parish magazine

Sisters and brothers

As the excitement of Easter eases and gives way to the build up to TT, I am able to reflect on the events that have occurred during my time with you. Most astonishing is that my time is over half way through! Now, where did that go?!

Easter time has been a period of solemnity, remembrance and joy as it should be; the events that have been run at Kirk Braddan have been most enjoyable; original and have offered me some great inspiration. I extremely enjoyed the Good Friday reflection arranged by Daniel and our short, but meaningful pilgrimage to Glen Mooar for the Easter Saturday picnic, worship and Easter egg hunt. The sense of community, fun and engagement from you all has really been something that should be aspired to by other parishes. Easter was also a time of great celebration for me and my family as Elizabeth was baptized on Easter day; a fantastic day was had by all of our family and friends and my thanks must be offered to those of you who offered your love and prayers for the day.

Leading through Ascension and Pentecost and now the build up to TT, I am beginning to get a real feel for how the parish is run and it simply isn't possible without the work of Daniel, Margaret, the wardens, PCC and each and every one of you as parishioners. I realise I am but a passing visitor, but the work you all put in to making sure Kirk Braddan continues to 'tick' is astounding. I preached recently on the sense of community and THIS is what God's church is; people coming together in love and fellowship to support each other. There is a real sense of the Holy Spirit working at Kirk Braddan and, whilst nothing is perfect, you have a wonderful mission already laid out. God's love is the most wonderful gift anyone can receive; by then offering that love out to friends and strangers alike in the sense of hospitality during the TT, you offer so many people a share in the joy we can all experience through God's saving grace.

I feel privileged to have been offered my first placement with you all and touched by the love and support that you have offered me so far, thank you.

As we look forward, I pray that you all have a safe and enjoyable TT festival. Continue to love each other, support each other and if you have even the smallest amount of time available, do come and help out with the café — you may provide someone with the opportunity to sit down, even if it's only for 5 minutes! We'ld love to see you there.

Offering prayers and good wishes to you all for a safe and enjoyable few weeks,