Part I - Restrictions on marriage
1. Marriage within prohibited degrees
2. Marriages of persons under 16
3. Marriages of persons under 18
4A. Extension of marriage to same sex couples
4B. Recognition of overseas same sex marriages
Part II - Marriages according to the rites of the Church of England
5. Methods of authorising marriages
5A. Marriages between certain persons
6. Place of publication of banns
7. Time and manner of publication of banns
8. Notice to clergyman before publication of banns
9. Persons by whom banns may be published
10. Certificates of publication of banns
11. Solemnization of marriage after publication of banns
12. Places in which marriages may be solemnized by common licence
13. Provisions as to common licences
14. Licensing of chapels etc.
15. Witnesses and form of marriage
16. Proof of residence
17. Void marriages
17A. Qualifying connection with parish
17B. Qualifying connection: publication of banns
17C. Qualifying connection: common licence
17D. Qualifying connection: guidance
18. Usual places of worship
Part V - Registration of marriages
40. Persons by whom marriages are to be registered
41. Provision of marriage register books by Chief Registrar
42. Manner of registration of marriages
43. Quarterly returns to be made to the Chief Registrar
44. Custody of register books
45. Filled register books
46. Correction of errors in register book
47. Disposal of register books on church ceasing to be used for solemnization of marriages
48. Searches in register books
49. Searches of indexes kept by Chief Registrar
Part VI - General
51. Tynwald control of orders and regulations
52. Offences relating to solemnization of marriage
54. Offences relating to recording of marriages
55. Interpretation
56. Transitional provisions, consequential amendments and savings
57. Short title and commencement
Schedule 1: Prohibited degrees

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