The Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper, or

So many as intend to be partakers of the Holy Communion, shall signify their Names to the Curate at least some time the day before.
And if any of those be an open and notorious evil liver, or have done any wrong to his neighbours by word or deed, so that the Congregation be thereby offended; the Curate having knowledge thereof, shall call him and advertise him, that in any wise he presume not to come to the Lord's Table, until he hath openly declared himself to have truly repented, and amended his former naughty life, that the Congregation may thereby be satisfied, which before were offended; and that he hath recompensed the parties to whom he hath done wrong, or at least declare himself to be in full purpose so to do, as soon as he conveniently may.
The same order shall the Curate use with those betwixt whom he perceiveth malice and hatred to reign; not suffering them to be partakers of the Lord's Table, until he knows them to be reconciled. And if one of the parties, so at variance, be content to forgive from the bottom of his heart all that the other hath trespassed against him, and to make amends for that he himself hath offended; and [342] the other party will not be persuaded to a godly unity, but remain still in his frowardness and malice: the Minister in that case ought to admit the penitent Person to the holy Communion, and not him that is obstinate. Provided that every Minister so repelling any, as is specified in this, or the next precedent paragraph of this Rubrick, shall be obliged to give an account of the same to the Ordinary within fourteen days after at the farthest. And the Ordinary shall proceed against the offending Person according to the Canon.
The Table at the Communion time having a fair white Iinen cloth upon it, shall stand in the body of the Church, or in the Chancel, where Morning and Evening Prayers are appointed to be said. And the Priest standing at the north side of the Table, shall say the Lord's Prayer, with the Collect following, the People kneeling.

AYR ain, t'ayns niau; Casherick dy row dty Ennym. Dy jig dty reeriaght. Dt'aigney dy row jeant er y thalloo, myr te ayns niau. Cur dooin nyn arran jiu as gagh laa. As leih dooin nyn loghtyn, myr ta shin leih dauesyn ta jannoo loghtyn nyn 'oï. As ny leeid shin ayns miolagh; Agh livrey shin veih oik. Amen.

The Collect.

YEE Ooilley-niartal, hood's ta dy chooilley chree foshlit, dy chooilley yeearree er-fys, as voïd's nagh vel folliaght erbee er ny cheiltyn; Glen smooinaghtyn ny creeaghyn ain lesh bree dty Spyrryd casherick, dy vod mayd dy firrinagh [343] graih 'chur dhyt, as dy feeu ard-voylley 'choyrt da dty Ennym casherick, trooid Creest nyn Jiarn. Amen.

Then shall the Priest, turning to the People, rehearse distinctly all the TEN COMMANDMENTS; and the People, still kneeling, shall after every commandment ask God's mercy for their transgression thereof for the time past, and grace to keep the same for the time to come, as followeth.

Minister. LOAYR jec ny goan shoh, as dooyrt eh, Mish y Chiarn dty Yee: Cha bee Jee erbee elley ayds agh mish.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cha jean oo dhyt hene jalloo grainnit erbee, ny co-chaslys jeh nhee erbee dy vel ayns niau heose, ny er y thalloo wass, ny ayns yn ushtey fo'n thalloo. Cha jean oo croymmey sheese huc, ny ooashley 'chur daue: son mish y Chiarn dty Yee, Jee eadolagh, ta kerraghey peccaghyn ny ayraghyn er y chloan, gys y trass as y chiarroo heeloghe jeusyn ta dwoaie oc orrym, as soilshaghey myghin er thousaneyn jeusyn ta graihagh orrym, as freayll my annaghyn.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cha gow Ennym y Chiarn dty Yee ayns fardail: son cha gum y Chiarn eshyn gyn loght ta goaill e Ennym ayns fardail.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as in-[344] jillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cooinee dy vreill oo yn doonaght dy casherick. Shey laa nee oo laboragh, as ooilley ny t'ayd y yannoo; agh y chiaghtoo laa doonaght y Chiarn dty Yee. Er cha jean oo monney erbee dy obbyr, uss, as dty vac, as dt'inneen, dt'ermooinjerey, as dt'inney veyl, dt'ollagh, as y joarree t'er cheusthie jeh dty ghiattyn. Son ayns shey laa chroo yn Chiarn niau as thalloo, yn faarkey, as ooilley ny t'ayndoo, as ren Eh scuirr yn chiaghtoo laa: shen-y-fa vannee yn Chiarn y chiaghtoo laa, as ren eh eh y chasherickey.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cur arrym da dty ayr, as da dty voir, dy vod dty laghyn ve beayn er y thalloo tan Chiarn dty Yee dy chur dhyt.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cha jean oo dunverys.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cha brish oo poosey.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cha jean oo geid. [345]
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cha nymmyrk oo feanish foalsey noi dty naboo.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as injillee ny creeaghyn ain dy reayll yn leigh shoh.

Minister Cha der oo saynt da thie dty naboo, cha der oo saynt da ben dty naboo, ny da e harvaant, ny da 'inney-veyl, ny da 'ghow, ny da 'assyl, ny da nhee erbee dy vel leshyn.
People. Hiarn, jean myghin orrin, as scrieu ad shoh ooilley dty leighyn ayns ny creeaghyn ain, ta shin guee ort.

Then shall follow one of these two Collects for the Queen, the Priest standing as before, and saying,

Lhig dooin padjer y ghoaill.

YEE Ooilley-niartal, yn reeriaght ayds ta dy bragh farraghtyn, as dty phooar erskyn-earroo; Jean myghin er y slane Agglish, as myr shen reill cree dty harvaant reiht VICTORIA nyn Ven-reïn, as nyn Giannoort, dy vod ish (toiggal quoi fo t'ee ny hirveishagh) erskyn dy chooilley nhee shirrey dty onnor as dty ghloyr; as dy vod shinyn as ooilley'n theay ta foee (dy cooie smooinaghtyn quoi liorish t'ee er ny choyrt ayns pooar) dy firrinagh [346] ee y hirveish, onnor, as biallys imlee 'chur jee, ayn-yds, as er dty ghraih, cordail rish dty ghoo bannit as dty oardagh, trooid Yeesey Creest nyn Jiarn, ta miyrts as y Spyrryd Noo, bio as reill, dy bragh un Jee, seihll gyn jerrey. Amen.


OOILLEY-NIARTAL, as Yee dy bragh farraghtyn, ta shin ynsit liorish dty Ghoo casherick, dy vel creeaghyn Reeghyn fo dty reill, as dy vel oo leeideil as chyndaa ad myr s'cooie te da dty chreenaght flaunyssagh: Ta shin dy imlee guee ort myr shen dy leeideil as dy reill cree dty harvaant VICTORIA nyn Ven-reïn as nyn Giannoort, ayns ooilley e smooinaghtyn, raa as jannoo, dy vod ee dy bragh shirrey dty onnor as dty ghloyr, as ve imneagh dy reayll dty phobble t'er ny choyrt fo'n churrym eck, ayns maynrys, shee as craueeagt. Giall shoh. O Ayr vyghinagh, er graih dty Vac deyr Yeesey Creest nyn jiarn. Amen.

Then shall be said the Collect of the Day. And immediately after the Collect, the Priest shall read the Epistle, saying, The Epistle [or, The portion of Scripture appointed for the Epistle] is written in the - Chapter of - beginning at the -- Verse. And the Epistle ended, he shall say, Here endeth the Epistle. Then shall he read the Gospel (the People all standing up) saying, The holy Gospel is written in the - Chapter of - beginning at the - Verse. And the Gospel ended, shall be sung or said the Creed following, the People still standing as before.

[347] TA mee credjal ayns un Jee, yn Ayr Ooilley-niartal, Chroo niau as thalloo, as dy chooilley nhee t'ayns fakin as gyn fakin:
As ayns un Chiarn Yeesey Creest, yn ynrycan Mac er-ny-gheddyn dy Yee, Er-ny-gheddyn jeh e Ayr roish dy chooilley heihll, Jee jeh Jee, Soilshey jeh Soilshey, Jee firrinagh jeh Jeec firrinagh, Er-ny-gheddyn, cha nee er ny yannoo, Jeh'n un vree marish yn Ayr, Liorishyn va dy chooilley nhee er ny yannoo. Er nyn son ainyn deiney, as son y taualtys ain, haink eh neose veih niau, As ghow eh er feill liorish y Spyrryd Noo jeh'n Voidin Moirrey, as v'eh er ny yannoo ny ghooinney, as v'eh er ny chrossey myrgeddin er nyn son fo Pontius Pilate. Ren eh surranse, as v'eh er ny oanluckey, as y trass laa dirree eh reesht cordail rish ny Scriptyryn, as hie eh seose gys niau, as t'eh ny hoie er laue yesh yn Ayr. As hig chreesht lesh gloyr dy vriwnys chammah ny bio as ny merriu: er e reeriaght cha bee jerrey erbee.
As ta mee credjal ayns y Spyrryd Noo, yn Chiarn as Fer-toyrt y vea, ta cheet magh veih'n Ayr as y Mac; ta marish yn Ayr as y Mac cooidjagh ammyssit as er ny ghloyraghey, eh ren loayrt liorish ny phadeyryn. As ta mee credjal un Agglish Cadjin (Creestee) as Ostyllagh, Ta mee goaill-rish un Vashtey son leih Pecca-ghyn, as ta mee jeeaghyn son irree-seose-reesht ny merriu, as bea yn theill ta ry heet. Amen.

Then the Curate shall declare unto the People what Holydays, or Fast-[348]ing-days, are in the week following to be observed. And then also (as occasion be) shall notice be given of the Communion: and the Banns of Matrimony published; and Briefs, Citations, and Excommunications read. And nothing shall be proclaimed or published in the Church, during the time of Divine Service, but by the Minister: nor by him any thing, but what is prescribed in the Rules of this Book, or enjoined by the Queen, or by the Ordinary of the place.

Then shall follow the Sermon, or one of the Homilies already set forth, or hereafter to be set forth by Authority.

Then shall the Priest return to the Lord's Table, and begin the Offertory, saying one or more of these sentences following, as he thinketh most convenient in his discretion.

LHIG dan soilshey cuish myr shen soilshean fenish deiney, dy vod ad fakin ny obbraghyn mie eu, as gloyr y choyrt da nyn Ayr t'ayns niau. N. Mian v. 16.
Ny stoyr-jee seose berchys diu hene er y thalloo, raad ta'n lhemeen as y mergey cur-mow, as. raad ta maarlee brishey stiagh as geid: agh stoyr-jee seose berchys din hene ayns niau, raad naoh vel y lhemeen ny'n mergey cur-mow, as raad nagh vel maarlee brishey stiagh as geid. N. Mian vi. 19, 20.
Cre erbee bailliuish deiney dy yannoo riuish, jean jee shiuish y lheid cheddin roosyn; son shoh yn leigh as ny phadeyryn. N. Mian vii. 12.
Cha nee dy chooilley unnane [349] jir rhym's, Hiarn, Hiarn, hed stiagh er reeriaght niau: agh eshyn ta jannoo aigney my Ayrey t'ayns niau. N. Mian vii. 21.
Hass Zaccheus magh, as dooyrt eh rish y Chiarn, Cur-my-ner, Hiarn, yn derrey lieh jeh my chooid ta mee dy choyrt da ny boghtyn: as my ta mee er ghoaill red erbee dy molteyragh veih dooinney erbee, ta mee jannoo lhiassaghey kiare filley da. N. Luke xix. 8.
Quoi ta goll dy chaggey traa erbee er e chost hene? quoi ta soiaghey, garey-feeyney, as nagh vel gee jeh'n vess echey? Ny quoi ta bochillagh shioltane, as nagh vel giu jeh bainney'n chioltane? 1 Cor. ix. 7.
My ta shinyn er guirr diuish reddyn spyrrydoil, nee madyr mooar eh my nee mayd buinn ny nheeghyn seihltagh eu? 1 Cor. ix. 11.
Nagh vel fys eu dy vel adsyn ta shirveish mysh nheeghyn casherick, beaghey er yn oural? as dy vel adsyn ta tendeil ec yn altar, goaill ayrn jeh ny t'er yn altar? Dy jarroo myr shen ta'n Chiarn myrgeddin er n'oardaghey, dy lhisagh adsyn ta preacheil y Sushtal, beaghey er y Sushtal. 1 Cor. ix. 13, 14.
Eshyn ta cuirr thanney, nee myrgeddin buinn thanney: as eshyn ta cuirr dy palchey, nee myrgeddin buinn dy palchey. Lhig da dy chooilley ghooinney coyrt da'n voght myr ta e chree coyrt roish; cha nee mooaraghey ny t'eh dy choyrt, ny myr dy beagh eh êginit huggey; son shinney lesh Jee eshyn ta coyrt dy aggindagh. 2 Cor. ix. 6, 7. [350]
Lhig dasyn t'er ny ynsaghey ayns y goo, shirveish ersyn ta gynsaghey jeh dy chooilley nhee mie [t'echey]. Ny bee-jee mollit; cha vel craid dy ve jeant mysh Jee: son cre-erbee ta dooinney dy chuirr, lheid shen nee ch'vuinn. Gal. vi. 6, 7.
Choud ta caa ain, lhig dooin mie 'yannoo da dy chooilley ghooinney, er-lheh dauesyn ta jeh lught thie yn chredjue. Gal. vi. 10.
Ta craueeaght lesh aigney booiagh cosney mooar. Son cha dug shin lhien nhee erbee stiagh 'sy theihll shoh, as te shickyr nagh vod mayd nhee erbee y choyrt lhien magh ass. 1 Tim. vi. 6, 7.
Cur currym orroosyn ta berchagh 'sy theihll shoh, dy bee ad arryltagh dy choyrt, as aignagh dy rheynn, coyrt seose ayns stoyr nyn gour oc hene undin mie ry-hoï yn traa ry-heet, dy vod ad greme y ghoaill er y vea veayn. 1 Tim. vi. 17-19.
Cha vel Jee neu-chairagh, dy jarrood eh ny obbraghyn as y laboraght cuish dy ghraih, ta shiu er hoilshaghey er coontey'n ennym echey, ayns dy vel shiu er hirveish er ny nooghyn, as ta foast shirveish [orroo]. Heb. vi. 10.
Dy yannoo mie, as dy rheynn [er ny boghtyn,] ny jarrood-jee: son lesh lheid ny ourallyn ta Jee er ny yannoo booiagh. Heb. xiii. 16.
Quoi-erbee ta cooid y theihll shoh echey, as fakin e vraar ayns feme, as ta dooney seose e veeghyn dy hymmey voish; kys ta graih Yee tannaghtyn ayn? 1 N. Ean iii. 17.
Cur jeirk jeh d'ty chooid, as ny chyndaa dy bragh dt'eddin veih [351] dooinney boght erbee; as eisht cha bee eddin y Chiarn er ny hyndaa ersooyl voïds. Tob. iv. 7.
Bee myghinagh gys rere dty phooar. My ta lane ayd, cur dy palchey; my she red beg t'ayd, gow kiarail dy chur dy gennal jeh'n veggan shen: son myr shen t'ou chaglym dhyt hene leagh mie cour laa ny feme. Tob. iv. 8, 9.
Eshyn ta giastyllagh da ny boghtyn, t'eh geeasaght da'n Chiarn: as son shen t'eh myr shoh dy vaarail, bee eh er ny eeck da reesht. Prov. xix. 17.
Bannit t'eshyn ta smooinaghtyn er y voght as yn ymmyrchagh: nee'n Chiarn eshyn y livrey ayns traa e heaghyn. Psal. xli. 1.

Whilst these sentences are in reading, the Deacons, Churchwardens, or other fit persons appointed for that purpose, shall receive the Alms for the poor, and other devotions of the People, in a decent Basin to be provided by the Parish for that purpose; and reverently bring it to the Priest, who shall humbly present and place it upon the holy Table.
And when there is a Communion, the Priest shall then place upon the Table so much Bread and Wine, as he shall think sufficient. After which done, the Priest shall say,

Lhig dooin padjer y ghoaill son slane stayd Agglish Chreest caggey ayns shoh wass er y thalloo.

OOILLEY-NIARTAL as Yee dy bragh bio, ta liorish dty Ostyl casherick er n'ynsaghey shin dy yannoo padjeryn as aghinyn, as dy chur booise son dy chooilley [352] ghooinney; Ta shin dy imlee guee ort dy feer vyghinagh ( dy yannoo soiagh jeh nyn yeirk as ourallyn, as) dy ghoiall ad shoh nyn badjeryn ta shin chebbal gys dty Ard-ooashley flaunyssagh, guee ort dy lhieeney dy kinjagh dty Agglish ayns dy chooilley ynnyd lesh Spyrryd ny firriney, unnaneys, as coardail: as giall dy vod vod adsyn ooilley ta goaill-rish dty Ennym casherick, coardail ayns firrinys dty Ghoo casherick, as beaghey ayns unnaneys, as graih crauee. Ta shin guee ort myrgeddin dy hauail as dy endeil dy chooilley Ree Creestee, Prince, as Kiannoort, as erskyn ooilley dty harvaant VICTORIA nyn Ven-reïn, dy vod mayd foee ve dy crauee as dy feagh er nyn reill; as giall da'n slane Choonceil eck, as dauseyn ooilley ter nyn goyt ayns pooar foee, dy vod ad dy firrinagh as dy kiart cairys y yannoo, gys kerraghey peccah as olkys, as gys cummal seose dty Chredjue's firrinagh as Craueeaght. Cur graysem O Ayr flaunyssagh, da dy chooilley Aspick as Shirveishagh, dy vod ad chammah liorish nyn ymmyrkey-bea as ynsagh, soiaghey magh dty Ghoo's firrinagh as bioal, as dy cairagh as dy cooie dty Hacramentyn casherick y hirveish. As da ooilley dty phobble cur dty ghrayse flaunyssagh, as er-lheh da'n cheshaght shoh kionfenish; dy vod ad lesh cree meen as arrym cooie dty Ghoo's casherick y chlashtyn as y ghoaill, as dy firrinagh uss y hir-[353] veish ayns craueeaght as cairys ooilley laghyn nyn mea. As dy feer imlee ta shin guee ort jeh dty vieys, O Hiarn, dy chur gerjagh as kemmyrk dauesyn ooilley, ta ayns y vea ghiare shoh ayns seaghyn, trimshey, feme, chings, ny arkys erbee elley. As ta shin myrgeddin bannaghey dty Ennym casherick son ooilley dty harvaantyn t'er phaartail y vea shoh ayns dty chredjue as dty aggle; guee ort dy chur dooinyn grayse myr shen dy eiyrt er ny sampleyryn mie ocsyn, dy vod mayd mâroosyn ve goaill ayrn ayns dty reeriaght flaunyssagh. Giall shoh, O Ayr, er graih Yeesey Creest, yn ynrycan fer ta eddyr shin as sheer loayrt er nyn son. Amen.

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