The Thanksgiving of Women after Childbirth, commonly called

The Woman, at the usual time after her Delivery, shall come into the Church decently apparelled, and there shall kneel down in some convenient place, as hath been accustomed, or as the Ordinary shall direct ; and then the Priest shall say unto her,

SON wheesh as dy gooidsave lesh Jee Ooilley-niartal jeh e vieys dy chur dhyt's livrey sauchey, as dy vel eh er dty choadey ayns y gaue mooar jeh gymmyrkey lhiannoo, nee oo er-y-fa shen booise creeoil y choyrt da jee, as gra :

Then shall the Priest say the 116th Psalm. Dilexi quoniam.
TA mee feer wooiagh; &c. [428]
Gloyr dy row gys yn Ayr, &c.
Myr ve 'sy toshiaght, &c.

Or Psalm 127. Nisi dominus.
MANNAGH jean y Chiarn, &c.
Gloyr dy row gys yn Ayr, &c.
Myr ve 'sy toshiaght, &c.

Then shall the Priest say,

Lhig dooin padjer y ghoaill, [429]
Hiarn, jean myghin orrin.
Ans. Chreest, jean myghin orrin.
Hiarn, jean myghin orrin

AYR ain, t'ayns niau; Casherick dy row dt' Ennym. Dy jig dty reeriaght. Dt'aigney dy row jeant er y thalloo, myr te ayns niau. Cur dooin nyn arran jiu as gagh-laa. As leih dooin nyn loghtyn, myr ta shin leih dauesyn ta jannoo loghtyn nyn' oï. As ny leeid shin ayns miolagh; Agh livrey shin veih olk. Son lhiats y reeriaght, as y phooar, as y ghloyr, son dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen.

Min. O Hiarn, saue yn ven shoh dty harvaant;
Ans. Ta coyrt e treishteil aynyds,
Min. Bee uss jeeish toor lajer ;
Ans. Veih eddin yn noid eck.
Min. Hiarn, clasht rish nyn badjer;
Ans. As lhig da'n accan ain cheet hood's.
Minister. Lhig dooin padjer y ghoaill.

O YEE Ooilley-niartal, ta shin cur dhyt booise imlee son dy gooidsave lhiat dy livrey yn ven shoh dty harvaant veih'n pian as gaue mooar jeh gymmyrkey lhiannoo; Giall, ta shin guee ort, Ayr smoo vyghinagh, dy vod ish trooid dty chooney chammah beaghey dy firrinagh, as gimmee- [430] aght cordail rish dty aigney 'sy vea shoh, as myrgeddin ve jeant dy ghoaill ayrn jeh'n ghloyr dy bragh farraghtyn 'sy vea ta ry-heet, trooid Yeesey Creest nyn Jiarn. Amen.